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Conference Overview

inclusion How to recognize barriers to equity in your school systems and respond to issues that arise in diverse environments Equity-Focused Day One Day One of the …

Howard, Gary

Gary R. Howard

working with issues of civil rights, social justice, equity, education, and diversity, including 25 years as the Founder of the REACH Center for … Can’t Lead Where We Won’t Go: An Educator’s Guide to Equity, is …


equity, education, and diversity, including 28 years as the Founder of the … of Gary Howard’s current work is to lead intensive Equity Leadership … on a wide range of experiences and travel exploring diversity and …

Martinez, Richard

Richard S. Martinez

leadership. As an executive director of a center for diversity and equity, he … they address issues arising from diversity and organizational culture … education diversity professional development program for staff and faculty. He …

Deep Equity Consultants

… of the Deep Equity model for systemic equity reform, Gary Howard utilizes a wide range of personal experiences in exploring diversity and …

Susanna W. Pflaum

Corwin books, Experiencing Diversity: Toward Educational Equity and Celebrating Diverse Voices: Progressive Education and Equity. She is the author …


Lutheran University. His career has focused on diversity and equity issues … a Consultant for Diversity, Equity and Student Achievement. She recently retired … cultural diversity initiatives as a member of the Equity and Diversity

Randy K. Yerrick

equity and diversity promoted by the continuous practice of tracking in … conducted ethnographies and critical autoethnographies in a variety of diverse

Edwards, Keisha

Keisha Edwards

families on educational equity, cultural competence, and engaging diverse … sessions with diverse audiences. As a result, she strongly believes that …

Krownapple, John

John Joseph Krownapple

equity, diversity and inclusion. Since 2007 he has led the development and … inclusion and equity for a variety of teams and groups: organizational … families. In his book Guiding Teams to Excellence with Equity: Culturally …

Common Causes of the Achievement Gaps

educational equity. The sheer number of variables is evidence that any response … outcomes and profound negative equity effects.” Oakes et al (1990) analyzed … culturally diverse educational settings. Professional development focused on …