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William N. Bender

Bender, William

William Bender has worked in higher education for 28 years and published over 60 research articles and 24 books in education. He specializes in instructional strategies for all students and is recognized as a national leader on instructional tactics, response to intervention, and differentiated instruction.

Areas of expertise
  • Differentiating Math Instruction
  • Integrating Technology Into Math Instruction
  • Project- Based Learning in Math
  • Technology Tools
  • Project-Based Learning
  • Differentiation


  • Differentiated Instruction: This session focuses on the use of brain-compatible instructional techniques to maximize learning in reading and mathematics, and shares various technology-based instructional ideas and collaborative, web 2.0 teaching tools. Attendees will learn which of the four models of differentiated instruction to implement for various grade levels, and how to plan a differentiated lesson.
  • Math: This seminar presents several models for differentiating math instruction, including modification of whole-group lessons, learning-centered instruction, flipping the classroom, and project-based learning in mathematics. Participants will learn various brain-compatible instructional techniques to maximize learning, including collaborative work, peer tutoring, and various technology-based instructional ideas such as wikis, animation, and social networking for math instruction.
  • Project-Based Learning: This seminar explores the basic components of Project Based Learning, including developing an anchor, creating a driving question, instructional processes, using technology in every class endeavor, project development, and publication/presentation of the project. In particular, modern technology options will be identified. Participants will be able to design PBL projects for a range of grade levels.
  • Response to Intervention: Whether you are just starting out with Response to Intervention or have been implementing RTI for years, this seminar will demonstrate how to use RTI strategies in the classroom. Through examples for differentiating instruction in reading and mathematics at the tier 1 level, participants will learn to overcome common obstacles schools face in the effective implementation of RTI.
  • Technology: Inspired by the principles of differentiated instruction, this session explores how technology can be infused into the classroom, stressing many available technological options such as scaffolded webquests, wikis, animation, social networking, and other web 2.0 teaching tools. In one session, learn how to set up tech-based tools and lessons you can use next week!