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Thomas R. Guskey

Guskey, Thomas

Thomas Guskey is Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Kentucky. In his work with educators throughout the world, he helps bring clarity and resolution to some of education’s most challenging problems.

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Areas of expertise
  • Grading
  • Assessment
  • Gifted Education Assessment
  • Standards-Based Grading
  • Standards-Based Grading
  • High Stakes performance assessments
  • Grading exceptional and struggling learners


  • More Effective Grading and Reporting Policies and Practices: Keeping in mind the challenges by teachers, this seminar outlines strategies for reporting student learning progress that ensures purposeful communication between school and home. Learn procedures for implementing new reporting structures, including standards-based grading, as well as policies and practices that should be avoided due to their negative consequences for students, teachers, and schools.