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Paul James Bloomberg

Bloomberg, Paul

Paul Bloomberg is an experienced school improvement coach and trainer who has transformed districts through coaching, professional development and curriculum support.

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Areas of expertise
  • Impact Teams
  • Formative Assessment Aligned to the Common Core
  • Differentiating Instruction
  • BuildingSelf-Regulated
  • Independent Learners
Certified in
  • Visible Learning


  • Leading Impact Teams

    Empower students to take charge of their learning! REFOCUS traditional PLCs with Impact Teams.

    Impact Teams (PLCs) of educators are committed to understanding their impact on student learning by taking collective action. The Impact Team model is student-centered and built on the goal of empowering students to monitor their own learning. You’ll learn how to use the 3-step protocol of

    (1) Evidence,

    (2) Analysis, and

    (3) Action to increase learning and create multiple opportunities for student to succeed.

    Participants will leave with practical tools and strategies to implement the formative assessment process, analyze evidence, and take collective action to ensure all students are making progress towards learning goals.

  • Differentiated formative assessment for the Common Core!

    The ELA/Literacy Common Core Standards are built upon clearn learning progressions or a "staircase" of increasing complexity in terms of what students must be able to read, write, speak and hear as they progress to college and career readiness.

    The step-by-step process outlined in this seminar will leverage the learning progressions as a method for differentiating formative assessment and creating explicit instructional pathways to support differentiated instruction, goal setting, and self-regulation.