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Olivia Amador Valerio

Amador, Olivia

Olivia Amador Valerio joined the Corwin professional learning team in 2018 with a wealth of knowledge and experiences as a leading learner. She has been innovative in her practices and has instituted many transformative structures that have resulted in the development of effective teachers, improvement of student performance, and enhanced levels of family engagement. Olivia has been in the field of education for 24 years, including 14 years as an elementary school principal. Her teaching experience includes 10 years as an elementary bilingual teacher and reading language arts specialist supporting students with reading deficits. Her leadership journey includes participation in instructional leadership teams, professional learning networks, as well as leadership design teams focused on Cultural Proficiency and equity. One of her most notable accomplishments while she served as a principal was receiving the National Center for Urban School Transformation (NCUST) Gold award in 2016.

As a Corwin author/consultant, Olivia is a certified Fisher & Frey trainer. She has co-authored The Teacher Clarity Playbook with Douglas Fisher & Nancy Frey and travels the country supporting PLC development using this research-based, hands-on guide.

Olivia is on a quest through her Corwin role to extend her reach through sharing her experiences as a transformative leader and effective teacher with other practitioners in support of their success with school improvement goals. Her energy and enthusiasm for this work is simply contagious!

Areas of expertise
  • School Improvement Strategic Planning
  • Principal Leadership Development
  • Close Reading
  • Learning Intentions and Success Criteria 
  • Guided Reading
  • Schoolwide Reading Initiatives 
  • Data-based Decisions
  • English Language Development Design Planning

"Quick shout out to Corwin's virtual workshop for Teacher Clarity this past Spring. We were all wondering how engaging the workshop would be virtually, but the presenter really went out of her way to have breakout rooms with learning and accountability that allowed for great conversation and discussion as we learned and reviewed the various topics covered. Our Teacher Clarity experience was oustanding and really aligned with our district goals of improving teaching and learning for both teachers and students."

~Steve Quick, Superintendent of Harney County School District