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Bill Ziegler

Ziegler, Bill

Dr. Bill Ziegler is a high school principal in Pennsylvania. He was recently honored as the 2016 Pennsylvania Principal of the Year, the 2015 National Association of Secondary School Principals Digital Award Winner, and was selected to serve on the United States team of School Leaders to the Great Leaders Summit in China.  Dr. Ziegler has over 24 years of service in public education where he has served as a school leader for 20 years. Bill was recently selected to serve on the team to rewrite the NASSP/NAESP Breaking Ranks publications for school leaders.  

He has served as a high school social studies teacher, high school assistant principal, middle school principal, and he currently serves as a high school principal. Bill also earned Apple Teacher certification and was recently selected to participate in an Apple Research Study for School Leaders.  Bill is honored to be part of the Corwin Consulting Team that provides high quality professional development to school leaders.  Dr. Ziegler also serves as an adjunct professor at Temple University in their Masters of Education department.  Bill is very active in his state; he served as the President of the Pennsylvania Principals Association in 2014 and 2016 and was honored to be selected as Treasurer and Southeast Regional Representative for the same association.  Dr. Ziegler presents regularly around the world on School Leadership.  He has presented at national conferences such as the National Association of Secondary School Principals, Association of Curriculum & Supervision Development, International Society for Technology in Education, and many more.  Bill spoke on Capitol Hill to lobby for better ERate coverage for schools throughout the United States.  

Bill is the owner of Chase Learning (, a private educational consulting firm designed to provide high quality and engaging professional development to strengthen school leaders throughout the United States.  Personally, Bill is married to his beautiful wife, Kim and they have two high school aged children.  Bill can often be found fly fishing in the streams of PA, cheering on his favorite Philly sports teams, or playing his saxophone.

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Areas of expertise
  • Leadership
  • Digital Learning
  • School Culture
  • Communication


  • Future Focused Leaders
    How do we prepare students and teachers for a future that we can’t see or don’t know?  This interactive and informative session provides the skills for School Leaders to equip students, parents, and teachers with the tools to thrive in the present and the future.  School Leaders will come away with practical, easily implementable, and research-based best practices that can provide sustainable positive change in an innovative culture. 

    Within the Future Focused model of leadership, School Leaders will focus on three areas: relationships, innovation, and inspiration.  At the core of what we do as School Leaders, fostering relationships is the most important skill set for the future.  Participants will learn how to have courageous conversations, communication skills to deepen their relationships, and how to lead through a conversational approach. 

    School Leaders will learn five innovative digital tools they can immediately use to strengthen their leadership and learning in their school.  They will also discover how Augmented and Virtual Reality, Coding, Drones, and more can engage students and teachers.  Most importantly, they will learn how to Chase Learning, Not Technology!

    School Leaders will also be inspired to do great things for their students.  In addition to staying energized for the important work of school leadership, they will learn how to get funding for school programs, and how to increase Student Voice and Choice.  School Leaders will come away inspired and motivated to be a Future Focused Leader. 

  • School Leadership Coaching
    School Leadership Coaching is targeted and personalized professional development for School Leaders.  Dr. Ziegler, uses his twenty years of award winning experience and best practices as a School Leader to coach School Leaders to increase their effectiveness, strengthen their leadership, and equip them to courageously lead their students, parents, and teachers.  School Leadership Coaching is typically done one-on-one, in pairs, or small groups.  Dr. Ziegler personalizes the learning to support the needs of your School Leaders.  He works with the School Leaders to identify areas in which they would like to grow as a leader and then provides coaching to meet those goals.  This job-embedded professional development meets School Leaders where they are, it provides them with an opportunity to tailor their learning and take their leadership to the next level.

    A principal from Kansas shares, “My coaching experience with Dr. Ziegler has transformed my leadership, I have become more confident, courageous, and prepared to lead my school.”

    Dr. Ziegler extends the coaching by using a reflection tool which allows the School Leader to personalized follow up to get expert guidance, support, and coaching.

    For coaching to be successful, it needs to be over a period of time to establish trust, a strong relationship, and to produce results.  School Leaders will learn strategies that can be immediately implemented into their daily leadership practice.  

  • Culture Wins Out! - 7 Steps to Building a Positive School Culture
    Without a positive school culture, learning is stifled and growth is hindered.  A positive school culture transforms a school into a vibrant learning community.  To accomplish this, School Leaders need to be intentional and equipped with the skills and strategies to build a positive school culture that produces results.

    School Leaders will learn practical and researched-based best practices to build and sustain a positive school culture.  They will learn how to confront negativity, how to win over teachers and parents, and how to lead in a way that engages all students.  In addition, they will learn how to celebrate, how to empower collaborative leadership, and how to nurture a positive culture that thrives in the school and community. 

    They will walk away with practical strategies they can implement immediately to increase Student Voice and Choice in their school.  School Leaders will learn how to design a school culture that values curiosity, creativity, and courage.

    We need to create a culture that supports ALL students.  This means that they are All of Our Kids, No Matter What!!  Dr. Ziegler will share key strategies on how to support all students in the school culture.  Creating a culture where every child is valued, cared for by an adult, and celebrated will invigorate the role of every School Leader and positively transform a school culture.

  • Closing the Gap! 5 Key Ways to Close the Achievement Gap with All Students
    There are more students in poverty, with learning disabilities, and from challenging backgrounds than ever before. As a result, school leaders are challenged to new heights to ensure that every student is given an opportunity and backing to achieve, the supports to find success, the empowerment to thrive, and the mindset to overcome life’s obstacles.  This session will provide school leaders with research- based, practical strategies that school leaders can use to close the achievement gap and increase opportunities for ALL students.  Participants will learn how to nurture resilience, courage, and grit in their faculty, staff, and students.  School Leaders will also learn how to build a school culture that is committed to all students!  School Leaders will learn five key ways to close the achievement gap for every student.

    School Leaders will learn how to implement systems that provide equity and empowerment for all students and staff.  Plus, they will take a “Closing the Gap” self-assessment to identify strengths and deltas (areas needing change).  They will then use this self-assessment to create a “Closing the Gap” plan to implement in their school. 

  • Balancing Act - 7 Ways to Rejuvenate and Reenergize Your Leadership
    School leaders are often so committed to their school’s success that they can forget about their own well- being.  This session will inspire and equip school leaders with the tools to balance school, community, family, and life.  Participants will hear from acting school leaders about how they are working to achieve balance in their lives so they can give their best to their school, family, and life.  This session is packed with humor, real life stories, inspiring messages, and strategies to support school leaders as they relate, innovate, and invigorate.  Dr. Ziegler shares how he has worked to balance work and life during his twenty years of school leadership.  He reveals key principles that all School Leaders need to embed into their daily practice to stay energized, passionate, and focused for the school year.  Dr. Ziegler shares, “I know firsthand how challenging it is to be a School Leader, but I also know what a blessing it is to serve students, teachers and staff, and the entire community.  It’s important for us to come to school every day ready to give our best. Our students deserve nothing less.”  This session will equip and empower School Leaders to bring their best every day.

    Additionally, School Leaders will learn how to use several digital tools to make their leadership and life much easier and manageable.  They will learn how to use digital tools to organize, communicate, lead, and network to grow as a professional.  School Leaders will walk away from this session rejuvenated with a new passion to thrive as a School Leader. 

  • 7 Keys to Digital Leadership
    School Leaders can no longer be behind in the area of digital leadership. If our schools are to move forward and prepare students for the future, School Leaders must become digital leaders who are equipped and ready to lead their schools in a digital world. We can’t expect our teachers to be integrating technology into learning if we can’t lead with a digital mindset and skillset.   This highly interactive session provides School Leaders with the tools to lead with a digital mindset and framework.  Dr. Bill Ziegler, NASSP Digital Principal Award Winner and the Pennsylvania Principal of the Year, will share with School Leaders practical strategies on how to grow and strengthen their digital leadership.  School Leaders will walk away with relevant and practical digital tools they can use to model digital leadership, engage teachers and students with technology, and expand their networking through the use of social media.  School Leaders will learn 7 Keys to Digital Leadership that are research-based, best practices in digital leadership.  School Leaders will take a Digital Leadership Self-Assessment to inform an action plan on how to strengthen their own digital leadership.  School Leaders will leave the session equipped, empowered, and inspired to lead teachers and students into the future. 

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