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Willie Adams

Willie Adams became a certified Corwin consultant in 2018, but his journey as an educator began at the age of ten when his teacher recognized his love for history and public speaking and encouraged him to create and lead a lesson for his peers. Since then, his energy, love, and heartfelt dedication to education has set him on an amazing journey leading, coaching, facilitating and empowering learning communities all around the world.

In his over 25-year career he has served as a teacher and administrator in a variety of schools, non-profit organizations, and educational programs. He’s developed and created many innovative strategies and practices that have significantly improved student efficacy and family engagement. 

As a consultant, Willie was recently certified in both Collective Equity and The Teacher Clarity Playbook.

He is engaging, enthusiastic, compassionate, and impactful in helping learning communities find authentic ways of designing and implementing practices that are:

  1. Culturally fortifying for all learners 
  2. Serving the needs of all learners
  3. True to the mission and values of the learning community
  4. Strengthening student efficacy, empowerment, and leadership skills  

Areas of expertise
  • Equity