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Common Formative Assessments 2.0 Alignment


ESSA requires that every state must submit an accountability plan that includes four achievement measures:

  1. Proficiency on state tests
  2. Progress toward ELL student proficiency
  3. An indicator that differentiates school performance such as student growth
  4. At least one alternative indicator, such as student engagement, educator engagement, access to and completion of advanced courses, postsecondary readiness, climate/safety, or another indicator a state chooses

Teacher Leadership

The Department of Education has declared teacher leadership as a key priority as they regulate and monitor the implementation of ESSA. This provides the opportunity to utulize federal funds to support teacher leadership programs and to support rethinking staffing decisions to support teacher leader positions.

The Links Between the Research

Many Corwin programs are natural extensions of the Visible Learning research. Deepen your school change efforts with Larry Ainsworth’s CFA 2.0. Teacher clarity has an effect size of .75: “Spend more time working through their notions of what success looks like in terms of the balance of surface and deep before they teach the lesson” (p. 86). The table below illustrates ways in which CFA 2.0 supports teacher clarity.


“Pressure to cover the entire curriculum… too often leads to superficial instruction and shallow student understanding.”
(p. 54)

“For students, learning intentions can be written as success criteria that state explicitly how they will be expected to demonstrate the learning intentions.”
(p. 62)

“Big Ideas communicate to students the benefi t or value of learning the standard in focus.”
(pp. 77-78)

“Learning progressions [are] instructional pathways that will enable their students to fully understand and achieve the unit learning intentions.”
(p. 177)

“Quick progress checks…yield high-quality feedback that educators use to correctly interpret student understanding and adjust instruction.”
(p. 177)


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