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Common Formative Assessment 2.0

with Larry Ainsworth

"There have been many who have written about the power of success criteria, growth and progress, and assessment for teachers, but not how to do it. Ainsworth spells it out to perfection."
John Hattie, praising CFA 2.0

Are your CFAs as good as they could be?

Whether you're completely new to common formative assessments (CFAs) or have deep experience, the Common Formative Assessments 2.0 (CFA 2.0) team can help you take CFAs to the next level. Bring educators and grade-level or course-level teams together to collaboratively create assessments that gauge student learning within a curricular unit of study. The teams will intentionally align their pre- and post-common formative assessments and generate high-quality questions to match the same level of rigor seen in the unit's learning intentions derived from the standards.


CFA 2.0 Products and Services:

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