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Collective Efficacy: Models of Impact Institute

November 13, 2017
Fort Bend, Texas

$449 per person

$399 (groups 3 or more)

Build Collective Capacity for Change

Student learning accelerates when teacher teams are energized and empowered to understand their impact. These teams are committed to authentic collaboration and take collective action to drive change and see results. Their strong sense of collective efficacy (CE) sets the foundation for overcoming challenges and removing barriers to student success. As educators, they realize that together they can make a difference in the lives of students. At the Collective Efficacy: Models of Impact Institute, discover the conditions and practices that promote CE and enable your teams to flourish.

Hear from thought leaders Jenni Donohoo, Barb Pitchford, and Paul Bloomberg for insights into what the best teams do to put this powerful model into action. As John Hattie’s Visible Learning research confirms, collective teacher efficacy is a school’s most powerful tool to influence student learning. Learn how schools strengthen their teams by engaging them in effective collaborative practices and heighten their commitment to ensuring ALL students learn.