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Virtual Coffee Breaks

Our Virtual Coffee Breaks are going on a summer break! Please check back in during the fall semester for more coffee breaks. Meanwhile, you can check out past episodes on our Facebook page.  

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Featured Archived Coffee Breaks


Lead Off Monday with Peter DeWitt - April 20, 2020

Guest: John Hattie

This episode: The Impact of Learning at Home 

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Fisher & Frey Teaching Tuesday - April 21, 2020

Guest: Matt Johnson

This episode: The Role of Feedback in Distance Learning 

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Equity Wednesday with Wade Colwell - April 22, 2020

Guest: Matt Alber

This episode: Creativity as Medicine

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Thrive Thursdays with Fisher and Frey - April 30, 2020

Guest: Dave Stuart Jr. 

This episode: Sustaining Motivation for Learners & Teachers

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Flash Forward Friday with Fisher & Frey - April 3, 2020

Guest: Dominique Smith 

This episode: Teacher Credibility from a Distance

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