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We at Corwin remain steadfast in our pledge as your partner in professional learning. Here are a number of free resources to assist you: School Leaders’ Toolkit for Responding to COVID-19 and Resources for Teaching Online.


Cheryl Rose Tobey

Tobey, Cheryl

Cheryl Tobey is a highly experience consultant whos work is primarily in the areas of formative assessment and professional development. Cheryl is a Corwin Mathematics consultant.

Areas of expertise
  • Formative Assessment in Mathematics
  • Using Data to Drive Instructional Planning
  • Effective Math Professional Development


  • Uncovering Student Thinking in Mathematics: Expertly pinpoint and reverse your students’ common math difficulties! Tailored to any school level, this seminar offers math educators powerful diagnostic techniques in the form of brief, easily administered assessment probes to determine students' thinking on core mathematical concepts. Learn to ask the right questions to uncover just where your students get confused, and apply practical strategies to get them quickly back on track.

    Attendees will:

    • Quickly and objectively identify and correct students’ difficulties
    • Systematically address conceptual misunderstandings and procedural mistakes before they become long-term problems
    • Plan targeted instruction and remediation around core mathematical concepts in their specific grade level