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Transform Schools with Trauma-Informed Strategies for Teacher and Student Well-Being

Research has shown that ACEs and trauma affect a child’s brain development, cognition, behavior, and social-emotional development. The good news is that whether we are a principal, classroom teacher, school counselor, custodian, or bus driver, we each have a sphere of influence in which we can make a difference for our students. Schoolwide systems that engage the entire staff create a universal culture of compassion and achievement that provides students with consistent support, structure, and nurturance.

Discover how our on-site and virtual consulting services can help you take a whole-staff approach to foster resilience in both students living with ACEs and the educators who work with them.

On site consulting


Workshops, keynotes, breakout sessions, full-scale implementation, and coaching options help school staff become more knowledgeable about how ACEs impact teaching and learning, incorporate instructional strategies that build resiliency and develop social-emotional skills, and reconstruct systems to make sure school remains safe, accessible, and proactive for all teachers and students.


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Virtual Consulting


These series of live, synchronous virtual consulting sessions build participants’ understanding of educator resilience, student resilience, and school resilience. Follow-up implementation and coaching sessions are also available virtually.



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Free Webinar


“Adverse Childhood Experiences”

In this free webinar, you will learn how you can use existing school resources differently to integrate trauma-informed practices and procedures into schoolwide behavior management and instructional systems.


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Meet the Consultants

Victoria Romero

Victoria Romero

Leadership, system change, equity


Ricky Robertson

Behavior intervention, instruction, restorative practice, MTSS

Amber Warner

Social work, wraparound services, counseling






Get the Book

         Building Resilience in Students Impacted by Adverse Childhood Experiences


Building Resilience in Students Impacted by Adverse Childhood Experiences

By Victoria E. Romero, Ricky Robertson & Amber Nicole Warner 


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What People are Saying ...

"Ricky, Amber and Victoria delivered a three-day workshop and it was absolutely phenomenal. They were engaging and created a space where participants could dive into the material in a way that left them understanding not only how trauma effects our students but also inspired to make change. Several participants noted how it was the best professional development they have ever attended."

~ David Fendel, Coordinator of Social Emotional Learning, Contra Costa County Office of Education, CA

"We selected Ricky Roberston to lead a presentation for our county-wide professional development day on social-emotional learning and trauma-informed practices in the fall of 2019. Over 400 attendees responded positively to his presentation. Through personal anecdotes, humor, compassion and expertise, he delivered relevant information and provided concrete strategies to our county educators. We received such an overwhelming positive response, we asked Ricky to continue the work we started by facilitating a social-emotional learning community of practice over the course of the school year. When COVID-19 hit, we reached out to Ricky based on the need expressed by the educators in the county for support with returning to school and what that would look like and how to support social­emotional needs of students, families, teachers, etc. He pivoted seamlessly from face-to-face professional development to a virtual learning environment providing three separate and distinct webinars; one for administrators and counselors, one for educators and one for paraprofessionals. Ricky is truly an expert in this field. His sense of humor keeps it real and interactive and encourages the possibility that change can happen." 

~ Teena Corker, Associate Superintendent of Education Services, Office of the Nevada County Superintendent of Schools, CA


"Ricky Roberston has conducted a number of statewide resilience webinars for Alaska teachers, administrators and paraprofessionals. He is both very knowledgeable and engaging. All his presentations have been outstanding. We look forward to continuing our work with Ricky throughout the upcoming school year."

                                                                                                                                                                                      ~ J. Kelly Tonsmeire, Founder of Alaska Staff Development Network 


"We were so appreciative to have Victoria, Amber and Ricky engage a large group of behavior interventionists, counselors, teacher leaders and administrators from across our PreK-12 system in four days of amazing professional learning tailored to meet the needs and context of our district. The learning deepened our understanding of the impact of adverse childhood experience and trauma on students' learning and behavior, as well as provided a variety of ways to cultivate self-awareness, growth mindset and self-care. Our team valued the authentic application Victoria, Amber and Ricky shared from their own experiences, the intentional connections made to our district's strategic plan, and the opportunities throughout the workshop to collaborate and practice around case studies and strategies focused on behavioral, social-emotional, and academic success of students throughout a Multi-tiered System of Supports."

~ Michelle Lettington, Associate Superintendent of Teaching and Learning


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