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Julie R. Smith

Leadership?: Changing institutions is hard for many reasons, but just to get a sense of … instance, Institutions have ingrained … no matter how poorly they work Institutions may …

Smith, Raymond

Raymond Lawrence Smith

institutions is hard for many reasons, but just to get a sense of the challenge … Institutions have ingrained patterns of belief and … they work Institutions may be embedded in …

Wade Colwell

a youth component to any conference or institute connect to any of the …

Jamie Almanzan

Racial Equity Institute: This is … in perpetuating institutional oppression. It also explores using an …

Hierck, Tom

Tom Hierck

Sustainability: Sustainability is a systemic concept, relating to the continuity of institutional

Sharratt, Lyn

Lyn D. Sharratt

Professor Emeritus Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the …

Reilly, Marceta

Marceta Fleming Reilly

Institute staff for three years to design and deliver customized coach … Dr. Mary Devin, Director of the Kansas Educational Leadership Institute

Waldo Alvarado

Institution Award by the Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium …

Willie Adams

private institutions.  In addition to his work in education, Willie has been …

Tepper, Amy

Amy Tepper

parents to develop the Ohana Institute, an innovative blended school …