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Assessment & Evaluation

Improving Assessment Practice, Improving Teaching & Learning

Improving Assessment Practice, Improving Teaching & Learning

"Have you noticed that the new federal education law (ESSA) establishes a new day where local and state accountability and assessment are concerned? As practitioners and education leaders, you have the opportunity to exercise greater control over setting learning outcomes & measuring the progress of your students towards those academic goals. With that opportunity comes tremendous responsibility; you play a critical role in making sure you school or district have designed a balance assessment system that will not only accurately measure student growth, but also further it. That’s where Corwin can help. Rely on the expert wisdom of Larry Ainsworth, Rick Stiggins, Jim Popham, and Tom Guskey alongside many other global assessment thought leaders to advise you on everything assessment literacy, formative assessment and how to effectively communicate and utilize assessment results."

Jessica Allan, Senior Acquisitions Editor

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