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Andrea M. Honigsfeld

Honigsfeld, Andrea

Andrea Honigsfeld is a best-selling author and a former EFL/ESL teacher with more than 20 years of experience in helping educators meet the needs of diverse learners in their schools and communities.

Watch the author consulting video: Meet Andrea Honigsfeld

Areas of expertise
  • Teaching Strategies for Diverse Learners
  • ELs
  • Common Core
  • Co-teaching
  • Special-Needs Students and the Common Core
  • Working With Linguistically and Academically Diverse Students
  • Best-Practice ELL Instruction
  • Creating a School-Wide Framework to Accommodate Diverse Learners


  • Help Linguistically Diverse Learners Achieve the Goals of the Common Core!: This seminar examines what the Common Core Stae Standards mean for academically and linguistically diverse learners, and what teachers and administrators can do to support all students. Participants will learn more about each of the 32 ELA anchor standards as well as specific skills "uncommon learners" need to master them.