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Attend one of our events if you enjoy:
• Learning from experts in the industry.
• Taking home strategies that will make an immediate impact in your schools.
• Engaging in thought-provoking conversations and collaborating with your team.
• Participating in a high-energy learning environment with cutting-edge technology.

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What our customers are saying...

"I have attended 6 national conferences this year and this conference is by far the best one! It had the best collection of speakers and presenters, they gave practical solutions and actionable recommendations, and they told the truth about our educational reality today. I am headed home with strategies the I can implement tomorrow to make an impact on kids."

Cory LeClair, Assistant Superintendent


“This was so powerful. It was moving beyond belief and inspirational.” 

— Valerie C., Assistant Superintendent


“[The presenter] had an excellent grasp on the needs of trainers and teachers pertaining to implementation of the Common Core. I feel that the two days helped me sort through some of the questions I had about the CCSS. This Institute provided all teachers in our corner of the state the opportunity to hear nationally renowned education leaders without having to leave home!” 

— Phoebe B., Director

“Certainly, the content and applications exceeded my expectations. Even better, I have resources from all over the world to help me define and achieve success for our students. I am ready to make an impact with my staff & students.” 

— Anna F., School Leader