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A Guide to Co-Teaching PD Resource Center

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Designed to support the best-selling book A Guide to Co-Teaching, this Center provides all the materials needed to lead PD on helping teachers collaborate effectively in the classroom. This complete resource enables facilitators to introduce co-teaching; discuss the planning, implementation, and reflective phases of creating and maintaining a collaborative teaching and learning environment; and lead sessions on:

  • Best practices for organization and mutual cooperation
  • Self-assessments for meeting goals
  • Paraprofessionals and administrators as co-teaching partners
  • New research on co-teaching

What It Includes 

For Facilitators

  • A detailed guide that provides step-by-step guidance for leading PD sessions with your teachers
  • Fourteen 60- to 90-minute modules with related PPTs, activities, readings, and handouts
  • Videos featuring co-teaching experts Jacqueline Thousand and Richard Villa discussing key concepts, as well as elementary, middle, and high school teachers demonstrating strategies and offering insights and suggestions.

For Teachers

  • Access to all videos
  • Study guides, reflective questions, and practical application activities
  • Handouts, planning templates, and related readings


$499 per building (unlimited teacher seats)