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A Guide to Co-Teaching Modules

The Guide to Co-Teaching PD Resource Center includes the following 14 modules based on the book by Richard Villa and Jaqueline Thousand. Each module provides step-by-step instructions, videos, hand-outs, lesson starters, PowerPoints, and more!

Module 1: What is Co-Teaching? 

Module 2: Why Co-Teach? 

Module 3: The Day-to-Day Workings of Co-Teaching Teams

Module 4: The Supportive Co-Teaching Approach

Module 5: The Parallel Co-Teaching Approach

Module 6: The Complementary Co-Teaching Approach

Module 7: The Team-Teaching Co-Teaching Approach

Module 8: The Role of Paraprofessionals in Co-Teaching

Module 9: The Role of Students as Co-Teachers

Module 10: Training and Logistical Administrative Support for Co-Teaching

Module 11: Co-Teaching in Teacher Preparation Clinical Practice

Module 12: Meshing Planning with Co-Teaching

Module 13: From Surviving to Thriving: Tips for Getting Along with Your Co-Teachers

Module 14: Developing a Shared Voice Through Co-Teaching