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Visible Learning+ Pathway Institutes

What's your pathway to impact?

The Visible Learning+ Pathway Institutes are designed to explore evidence-based strategies for accelerating students’ academic growth. Through evidence-informed professional learning, each pathway will help you identify best practice interventions in your role as an educator to more effectively impact student learning. These four pathways to impact, Leading, Learning, Teaching, and Equity, will leverage what works best to amplify and accelerate learning in schools and classrooms by placing the Visible Learning+ framework at the forefront. Discover your pathway to impact and unlock the potential of student learning through what works best.


Visible Learning+ Pathway Full Series: Teaching, Leading, Equity, and Learning

Pricing: $599 per person

Ideal for: School Leaders, Coaches

Register for all four sessions to gain a firm foundation of each of the four pathways to impact in order to better support your team in accelerating student learning. Registrants of the full series will have access to live sessions as well as each of the session recordings and will also receive the digital copy of Great Teaching by Design.


Teaching Pathway

March 3-4, 2021 | Recordings available with full series registration

Ideal for: Teachers, School Leaders, Coaches

The Visible Learning+ Teaching Pathway is focused on supporting students in taking ownership of their own learning. This pathway to impact will help teachers identify what works best in teaching and learning and move into purposeful, deliberate, and intentional implementation of what works best to accelerate learning and maximize achievement.


Leading Pathway

April 22-23, 2021 | $249 per person

Ideal for: School Leaders, Coaches

The Visible Learning+ Leading Pathway is focused on providing school leaders with a foundation to support and collaborate with teachers to improve learning experiences in their schools and magnify effective instruction. The leading pathway to impact will equip school leaders with the tools to evaluate their own impact and navigate the implementation of what works in accelerating student learning and de-implementation of what doesn't.



Equity Pathway

May 13- 14, 2021 |  $249 per person

Ideal for: All educators

We all have a pathway to impact through equity. The Visible Learning+ Equity Pathway will highlight the tenets of Collective Equity and explore how we can achieve educational equity for all focusing on creating communities within our schools that work together through a collectivist lens of shared accountability so that we are able to convene around high expectations for learning across all dimensions of differences. 


Learning Pathway

June 17-18, 2021 | $249 per person

Ideal for: Teachers, School Leaders, Coaches. 

The Learning Pathway will focus on principles from the science of learning that have the potential to amplify and accelerate learning in schools or classrooms. This pathway to impact provides educators with tools to develop a district-wide shared understanding of high-quality teaching that is grounded in science and build foundation for collective efficacy.


2021 Annual Visible Learning Conference

June 20-23, 2021 | $474 per person (if registered by April 30th)

Ideal for: All educators 

The Annual Visible Learning Conference connects all four pathways to impact allowing educators to dive into sessions around teaching, leading, learning & equity that focus on evidence-based inquiry, assessment, evaluation, and implementation to maximize and advance student learning.