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The Impact

The Student-Centered Coaching model delivers measurable growth across three domains: student outcomes, teacher effectiveness, and coaching success.


Student Outcomes

Because the Student-Centered Coaching model starts with standards-based learning goals, educators can measure the impact of coaching on student proficiency through pre- and post-assessments. Our results show significant growth in student proficiency over the course of a single coaching cycle




Teacher Effectiveness

When coaching practice focuses on student outcomes rather than teacher practice, teachers feel safe to take risks and try new strategies. The Student-Centered Coaching model is proven to increase teachers’ use of best practices in various aspects of classroom life.



Coaches' Success

Coaches who use Student-Centered Coaching practices are able to focus their coaching efforts on the actions that improve teacher and student results the most: goal setting, collaborative planning, collecting and analyzing student work, and co-teaching.

Instructional Practices Implemented