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Cherniss, Cary

Cary Cherniss

Emotionally Intelligent Workplace (with Daniel Goleman); Promoting Emotional … Daniel Goleman) of the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in … University in 1972. Dr. Cherniss specializes in the areas of emotional

Elias, Maurice

Maurice J. Elias

awards. His books include Emotionally Intelligent Parenting, The Educator’s Guide to Emotional Intelligence and Academic Achievement … Tradition, Boost Emotional Intelligence in Students: 30 Flexible Research-Based …

Project-Based Learning

basics of the CASEL 5 (for SEL) and emotional intelligence Use … and evidence-based instruction, but also social-emotional learning … social-emotional learning into core instruction, STEM, student …

William R. Powell

2007), Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Teacher (2010) and How … teachers can raise the Organizational Intelligence of Schools …

Sprenger, Marilee

Marilee B. Sprenger

intelligences, emotional intelligence, and memory. As an educational consultant …

Robbins, Pamela

Pamela M. Robbins

learns, emotional intelligence, leadership, teaching in the block schedule …

Lewkowicz, Adina

Adina Bloom Lewkowicz

Emotional Intelligence: Strategies and Activities for Helping Students Make … in the area of social-emotional learning. For the past 20 years … personal and academic success through the transmission of emotional, social …

Livers, Allan

Allan F. Livers, Jr.

Allan F. (Bud) Livers, Jr.,  PhD, currently serves as the Learning Standards Officer at the Center for Naval Intelligence … teacher, working with students with an emotional disturbance at a regional …

Gregory, Gayle

Gayle H. Gregory

assessment strategies, block scheduling, emotional intelligence, student … • Differentiating Instruction With Style: Aligning Teacher and Learner Intelligences

Baum, Susan

Susan Baum

instruction, emotional needs of children, gifted education, gifted learning … Grade Students and is coauthor of the recent Multiple Intelligences in the …