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Teachers and Their Workplace

Teachers and Their Workplace
Commitment, Performance, and Productivity

Volume: 114
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Administration & Leadership

July 1990 | 320 pages | Corwin
What makes a good teacher, a committed teacher, one who comes up with new strategies, ideas, and programs that improve how kids learn? What kind of minimum performance standards should teachers be held to? How are teachers encouraged to do more? Will higher salaries improve classroom performance? How do teachers view these questions? Teachers and Their Workplace addresses how commitment, performance, and productivity--from individual as well as organizational standpoints--affect teachers, schools, and students. The book examines the how and why of current school standards, confronts both directions for future research and, more importantly, potential solutions to current personal problems. An outstanding team of contributors explores conditions and attitudes about work from teachers' perspectives; models of school organization, social and psychological issues, and economic theories; and alternatives for professional development. This landmark book is a dynamic overview that anyone in teacher education, teacher evaluation, school personnel administration, human resource management, and organizational studies will welcome. "This [is] a well-integrated collection og thought-provoking essays. . . . Seventeen notable authors contribute 13 cogent articles. . . . With substantial notes and bibliography at the end of each essay, this book is the most relevant to upper-division undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty." --Choice

Cecil Miskel
Pedro Reyes
What Research has to Say about Commitment, Performance, and Productivity

Karen Seashore Louis and Bets-Ann Smith
Teacher Working Conditions
Mark A Smylie
Teacher's Efficacy at work
Michael Imber and William A Neidt
Teacher Participation in School Decision Making
Robert Kottkamp
Teacher Attitudes about Work
Craig E Richards and Mwalimu Shujaa
Teacher Performance Incentives
Pedro Reyes
Organizational Commitment of Teachers
Fred M Newmann and Doug A Archbald
Organizational Performance of Schools
Terry G Geske and Charles Teddlie
Organizational Productivity of Schools
Kent D Peterson and Judith L Martin
Developing Teacher Commitment
The Role of the Administrator

Ann Weaver Hart
Managing School Performance
The Role of the Administrator

Herbert J Walberg
Enhancing School Productivity
The Role of the Administrator

Pedro Reyes
Linking Commitment, Performance, and Productivity

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