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What is Collaborative Leadership?


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This on-site professional learning workshop series defines the "Meet, Model, Motivate" framework for collaborative leadership, identifies the four types of leaders, and builds capacity with actionable steps to inspire real improvement with a Foundation Day collaborative coaching model of leadership.

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Collaborative Leadership Workshop attendees gain a stronger understanding of:

  • The definition and complexities of collaborative leadership
  • The 6 influences from Hattie’s research where they should focus
  • How to redesign structures they have in place to have deeper and more impactful conversations with teachers, students, and parents
  • Increase their ability to identify effective strategies for improvement
  • How to increase consistency in providing feedback to teachers based on a common set of agreed-upon effective components of teaching
  • Activities to use with their staff to elicit Teacher Voice and input into coaching, thus increasing teachers’ investment
  • The "Claims, Evidence, Impact, Judgment" model for providing feedback to teachers
  • How to communicate best practices and become a resource to all educators


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