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Meet the Editorial Team

Arnis Burvikovs, Executive Editor

Despite a classics education at Boston Latin High and the University of Massachusetts, Arnis found himself tending bar and roofing after his teaching position at Falmouth High School fell victim to a statewide budget cut. Winter and roofing were not a great fit so he interviewed as a temporary sales representative at Little, Brown and Company and relocated to Chicago. His publishing career has spanned sales, sales management, and editorial positions at college publishers such as Little/Brown, West and Allyn & Bacon. In his last position, he edited textbooks in the Educational Psychology, Leadership, and Technology areas for Allyn & Bacon.

Aside from sweating blood for his authors, Arnis' interests run mostly to outdoor sports such as biking, hiking, and fly-fishing. 25 years after leaving Boston, Arnis remains to this day a diehard Red Sox fan.