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Conference Overview

Learning Intentions

This Coaching Coaches Institute covers three topics that are essential for effective support for coaches. First, participants will learn the five success factors that must be in place for an instructional coaching program to thrive. Instructional coaches must have a deep understanding of:

  • the practices they share with teachers
  • the components of instructional coaching (set goals, explain, model, observe, explore)
  • the partnership approach to working with adults
  • partnership communication skills
  • partnership leadership skills

Second, participants will learn how to measure implementation of the five success factors, employing the following assessment tools:

  • The Knowledge of Practices Survey (KoP)
  • The Coaching Impact Tool (CIT)
  • The Partnership Communication Self-Assessment Tool (PCSAT)
  • The Partnership Leadership Self-Assessment Tool (PCLAT)
  • The Coaching Time Monitoring Form

Third, participants will learn how to use the tools described above to ensure that coaches use their knowledge to implement all five success factors. Participants will learn how to coach coaches using the following practices:

  • Regularly scheduled one-to-one coaching meetings
  • Collaborative sessions to develop checklists for all the practices coaches share
  • Video study groups to improving coaching and communication skills