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On-Site Corwin Professional Learning Services

When you partner with Corwin, you can expect:

  • Custom-designed professional development services that are built specifically around your school or district's initiatives
  • A client support team dedicated to your school or district that provides individualized support and works diligently to ensure a positive experience
  • Evidence-based research that is designed for long-term strategic planning
  • A comprehensive selection of PD to choose from that span a variety of initiatives

What We Do

When you bring a Corwin consultant to your school or district, you're providing an interactive learning forum where educators can expect individual attention from content experts, and PD that's tailored to best meet your staff's needs and initiatives. These face-to-face discussions not only help reinforce the learning of training content, but also establish deeper conversations among team members. 

Our Professional Learning Services Delivery Model

Corwin approaches professional learning with a focus on building educators’ knowledge of evidence-based practices and providing implementation support to help educators move from surface to deep to transfer. Our services are delivered through a variety of on-site formats, from high-energy keynotes and practical workshops, to support knowledge development, to implementation and coaching days that support the application of new skills.

This model allows Corwin to design purposeful PD approaches and ensure that educators have both the opportunity to gain new knowledge, and the support needed to apply it to everyday practice. This intentional sequencing of PD creates the conditions for lasting change and impact.


Learn more about our Theory of Change

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