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3 Results Found for " leadership"
3 Results Found for " leadership"

Leadership By Design Institute

How do we motivate our students and create a lasting impact on student outcome? The answer is leadership—leadership that is rooted in collaboration, feedback, and equity. Join leadership thought leaders Peter DeWitt, Michael Fullan, Cathy Lassiter, Ricky Robertson and more at the Leadership By Design Institute and start developing skills and practices that contribute to strong and effective leadership teams in your school.

Seattle, Washington | Oct 21 - Oct 22, 2019

General pricing: $399 per person

Leadership for All Learners

At the Leadership for All Learners Institute, learn to build leadership teams that foster a supportive and inclusive school climate, increase academic and social-emotional learning, and maximize the efficacy of all school stakeholders. 

Lansing, Michigan | Oct 07 - Oct 08, 2019

General Pricing: $399 per person

The Corwin Institute

The Corwin Institute brings together thought leaders from across different subject areas to provide educators with a personalized and intimate learning experience. Join us for this two-day event where you can explore PLCs with Douglas Fisher, dive into Visible Learning with John Hattie, and bring Student-Centered Coaching at the forefront of your practice with Diane Sweeney all in one place!

Houston, Texas | Oct 06 - Oct 08, 2019

General pricing: $499 per person