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Launching and Sustaining Powerful Equity Work

Launching and Sustaining Powerful Equity Work

Wednesday, April 28, 2021 - 1:00pm

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Strategies for Building and Maintaining a Broad-Based Consensus for Systemic Transformation

We are in the midst of a triple pandemic: COVID-19, inequities exposed through distance learning, and increased urgency around racial justice. Educational leaders are called to serve the needs of our most vulnerable and marginalized students and families, and at the same time we are obligated to navigate invigorated pushback and misinformation regarding equity, inclusion, and excellence in public education. This webinar provides strategies for growing an expansive consensus among teachers, parents, building leaders, school boards, community leaders, students and local media — a consensus that empowers courageous, long-term equity work. The webinar will be led by Corwin Deep Equity experts and superintendents and EDI professionals. We will discuss:

  • What equity is and what it is not
  • Crafting inclusive language
  • The art of relentless collaboration
  • Building student, community, teacher advisories
  • Aligning equity initiatives with research and adjacent initiatives
  • Board meeting strategies
  • Utilizing local media
  • The Why: Data
  • The What: Aligning with and expanding school improvement
  • The How: Professional development and tapping into existing assets

Ideal for superintendents, assistant superintendents, directors, principals, school board memebers, union leaders, community/nonprofit leaders, and other leaders looking to begin or sustain courageous and inclusive equity work, with broad support from internal and external stakeholders. 


Dr. Trudy T. Arriaga served for 14 ears as the first female superintendent of the Ventura Unified School District in California. She is currently Associate Dean of Equity and Outreach in the Graduate School of Education at Cal Lutheran University and a certified Deep Equity consultant. 

Benjie Howard is a thought leader and lead consultant for Deep Equity and co-developer of Youth Equity and Stewardship. He consults with school districts across the country on systemic equity transformation. 

Grant Twyman is the equity and inclusion program manager at Clover Park School District in Washington and ther executive director of UnCommon, a nonprofit orgaization focused on youth and community development. 


In an Another Time Zone?

We wish we could bring all of us together at a convenient time. If you're not able to make it, just register and we'll send you the recording afterwards.