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Jean Barbanente

Barbanente is a practitioner consultant on Corwin’s Deep Equity team leading Deep Equity implementation in Illinois’s second most diverse … Deep Equity Diversity Administration …

Howard, Benjie

Benjamin "Benjie" Howard

creating a living example of commitment to diversity, equity and … YES Equality & Diversity Classroom Management … Howard’s Educator’s Guide to Equity: We Can’t Lead Where We Won’t Go. Using …

Wade Colwell

YES Diversity Administration & Leadership … Social Justice Equity in … gratefully serves geographically diverse school communities as a poet, author …

Moore, Eddie

Eddie Moore Jr.

Equity Diversity Power Privilege … Diversity, Privilege and Leadership: Are We Making Any Progress in the 21st … session examines and explores issues of diversity, privilege, oppression and …

Willie Adams

Equity … Willie was recently certified in both Collective Equity and The Teacher … Deep Equity

Singleton, Glenn

Glenn E. Singleton

1995, Singleton developed Beyond Diversity, a widely recognized seminar … examine the intersection of race and schooling. The Beyond Diversity seminar is the foundation for the PEG Systemic Racial Equity Framework and its …

Hernandez, Paul

Pablo "Paul" Hernandez

Students Equity and diversity Paul … members ask. The keynote is targeted to diverse audiences including higher … a Monster: This workshop focuses on introducing people to diversity and how to …

Tommy Thompson

Ainsworth’s CFA 2.0 and Teacher Clarity, Gary Howard’s Deep Equity, and Peter … Deep Equity

Nicole Law

Determination), district equity, and mathematics and science instruction in the … Collective Equity Deep Equity

Robertson, Ricky

Richard Robertson

Robertson first presented in Southern Oregon at our first annual Equity Summit … Equity & Culturally Responsive … PLC+ Diversity C40 738336 Ricky Robertson …